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When the effect began to be noticeable, I heard a noise, which later turned into a whirring sound. A dissociative state spread and thoughts began to run. Matching the thoughts were images that could only be seen with my eyes closed. At the same time, my withdrawal symptoms from the Subutex were much weaker than I was used to.

In sum, it was not an unpleasant condition and my initial anxiety was unfounded. Towards the end of the duration of action (2-6 hours), you kind of start to realize that you don't need the opiates anymore. I also stopped eating sugar for a while because of the iboga. You just don't feel such a strong inclination to it anymore!

However, I would now recommend everyone to do the full treatment with the Flooddose right away so that you really get the full effect and the full addiction-stopping effects! I think I have now found the right way for me with Iboga to get my addiction permanently under control, to heal the causes and not just to fight the symptoms.

23. APRIL 2020


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