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What is Iboga?





What is Iboga?

What can I use Iboga for?

How does Iboga work?
We answer the most frequently asked questions about Iboga.


  • What is Iboga?

  • What can I use Iboga for?

  • How does Iboga work?

  • How long does Iboga last?

  • Dosage of the 3 different Iboga products

  • What options do I have for self-treatment?

  • Mircrodosing

  • Flooddose

  • Home

  • Professional Iboga treatment

  • How should I prepare mentally and physically for Iboga treatment?

  • Is Iboga dangerous?

  • Can I take Iboga alone?

  • How does iboga help me overcome my... Seeks?

  • Does Iboga help the first time, or must Do I repeat the treatment?

  • Why is ibogaine so effective against addictions, What does it do to the body, mind and soul?

  • Why is Iboga so expensive?

  • Where can I buy high quality Iboga?

  • How can I check the quality, origin and sustainability of Iboga?

  • Where and how is Iboga grown?

  • Will I have problems if I order Iboga and customs opens it?

  • In which countries is Iboga banned?

  • Can Iboga be addictive if taken for a long time?

  • Sources

  • Testimonials

What is Iboga? Iboga is a plant from Central Africa. It contains the psychoactive ingredient ibogaine. Ibogaine can cause major physical and psychological changes. It is most often used to reduce or eliminate cravings and other withdrawal symptoms in patients suffering from addictions. Besides, it can also bring about profound changes in people. The terms iboga and ibogaine are used interchangeably.

What can I use Iboga for?

Iboga supports personal and spiritual development, mindfulness, cleansing and shadow work (seeWikipedia). This way you can deal with fear, limitations, judgment, acceptance, self-love, nutrition and much more.

Direct effects of treatment with Iboga are:

  • strong antidepressant effect

  • Propulsion support

  • Supporting healing after psychological abuse by narcissists and psychopaths

  • Support for grief and separation work as well as heartbreak

  • Overcoming old behavior patterns

  • Recognizing new solutions

  • Dissolving traumatic experiences such as childhood, shock, developmental and social trauma

  • Relief from anxiety disorders, panic disorders, specific phobias, and the like


Iboga is used for the following psychological problems, among others:

Stress disorders:

  • burnout

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Affection and personality disorders:

  • bipolar disorder

  • Borderline personality

  • and much more.

A special feature of Iboga is its effectiveness in curing substance and medication addictions and other addictions:

  • painless drug withdrawal

  • Addiction interruption

  • Sugar addiction

  • Nicotine addiction

  • Alcohol addiction

  • Opiate addiction

  • Cocaine addiction

  • Gambling addiction

  • and much more.

Iboga also helps with self-harmful behavior:

  • anorexia

  • bulimia

  • Borderline (cracks)

  • and much more.

How does Iboga work?

The ibogaine effect cannot be described in detail, but only experienced because it is very personal. Small amounts (up to 5 mg/kg) have a stimulating effect, higher doses have a psychedelic and hallucinogenic effect. As described in detail below, the Iboga root gives people deep knowledge and insight into the true causes inherent in their basic problems. As a result, not only do many drug addicts free themselves from their addiction, trauma patients and mentally ill people also report healing. It also means that when you withdraw from heroin, there are no or very few withdrawal symptoms. All of this backed up with Sources and testimonials. 

In general, the effects of ibogaine can be broken down as follows:

  • stimulating effect

  • Visions with eyes closed: Important life events, even from deep childhood or, according to some reports, from past lives, are played out like in a film in relation to current problems. However, you can only get the desired visions when your eyes are closed! When the eyes are opened, they pause, allowing some users to skip situations that are too overwhelming.

  • deep knowledge and insights into the causes and connections of one's own problems through epiphany (sudden realization of a great truth)

  • religious, spiritual and mystical feelings

  • Well-being and inner warmth, especially during opioid withdrawal (probably a result of the increased serotonin and dopamine levels; but often only after the experience, but lasts for weeks!)

  • Exertion for body and mind (depending on the dose, physical fatigue can sometimes last for over 24 hours, so you should take the next 2 days off!)

  • Hallucinations (less often with eyes open, but also affecting other senses, especially hearing)

  • Waking dreams

  • Insight into the subconscious

  • Healing of internal wounds

  • Strengthening self-confidence

  • Reduction or suspension of opioid withdrawal symptoms

  • Reducing cravings (the urge for drugs) through to overcoming addiction

  • Stimulating the imagination

  • Making early childhood memories accessible

  • antidepressant effect

  • Small doses: mood-enhancing, stimulating, sexually stimulating

But side effects are also possible (usually due to improper use such as overdose or mixed consumption or use despite previous organic illnesses):

  • Dizziness and nausea

  • Vomiting (occurs in a maximum of 30% and lasts only a short time)

  • Physical mobility temporarily restricted during the strong effect phase (therefore it is best to lie down)

  • reduces blood pressure and digestive activity

  • reduces appetite (some sources also report an increase in appetite and aided digestion)

  • physical and mental fatigue in the hours afterwards

  • can cause allergic reactions (so check whether you are allergic to ibogaine before consuming a small amount)

  • Rare: anxiety (you are confronted with the innermost aspects of your problems, which is not always pleasant)

  • Cramps and symptoms of paralysis

  • Cardiac arrhythmias

  • Death due to respiratory arrest (in the event of an overdose, see LD50 value below; this occurs extremely rarely - 20 deaths have been documented out of thousands of treatments)

How long does Iboga last?

The duration of action of Iboga depends on the dose and the set (inner emotional state) and setting (external conditions). The direct intoxicating effect of ibogaine is reported in sources to be 24 to 30 ( or 18 to 36 ( hours specified. After-effects and processing of the experience can occur 24 to 72 hours after ingestion, and in rare cases (5%) even longer. If HCl-ibogaine is consumed, the effect lasts slightly less than with the root bark. However, according to reports, the “honest component” is missing from pure HCl, in contrast to the natural drug and all its alkaloids. The onset of action occurs between 30 and 180 minutes after ingestion. This is often signaled by a buzzing in the ear. This is followed by increasingly strong visions and personal images in the mind. After 3 to 5 hours, the waking dreams become four times more intense and the self-reflective and processing process begins.


Dosage of the 3 different Iboga products Method of application:

This dosage suggestion applies to the products of Iboga Store that we tested. We cannot speak for other products or their quality.

What options do I have for self-treatment?



Microdosing can easily be done alone. For higher doses, you should definitely have an experienced trip sitter with you! You can find more information about this in the Companion Guide.

Microdosing is the gentle path to inner peace. The root bark does not lead to visions or anything like that. Microdosing is in a non-noticeable range. You may dream more intensely than usual, but microdosing does not affect your daily routine. Nevertheless, you get all the information about the plant. There is root bark in capsules of 450 mg with 4% ibogaine. One capsule a day is enough. If your body weight is over 85 kg you can also take two per day. Iboga in these small doses has a very subtle effect. If you don't pay attention, you might think nothing is happening. But if you work on something actively and consciously, it can make various processes easier:

  • Loss and grief

  • Freedom from addiction to substances
    (Sugar, nicotine, alcohol, opiates, and much more)

  • Freedom from other non-substance related addictions
    (Food, Internet, work, relationships, pornography, and much more.)

  • Changing bad behavior patterns

  • Detachment from toxic relationships

  • Healing after codependent relationships

  • Combating fears and phobias

The root bark also brings up old issues. But maybe different than you expect. Iboga brings everything unprocessed into consciousness, but in such a way that you can think about it and then process the issues and let them go.


Do it at home?

Iboga is a very powerful plant and should not be taken lightly or thoughtlessly. Provided it is handled properly, Iboga may still require multiple treatments, especially during detoxification and withdrawals, until one can be completely free of substances.

You can also experience a Flooddose at home.                   You don't necessarily have to pay a professional trip sitter to heal with Iboga. You can do this in your usual surroundings accompanied by a friend or someone you trust. The person who looks after you, takes you to the toilet when necessary, assists with vomiting and gives you water at regular intervals. You need reliable and loving help for 12-36 hours! Preparation is the most important thing for an optimal process

Your trip sitter should definitely read Companion Guide !

Professional Iboga treatment

If you can't find anyone to help you with Iboga therapy, or you feel more comfortable with a professional trip sitter, we recommend treatment in a professional setting. You can find out more about this at Professional Iboga treatment.

How should I prepare mentally and physically for Iboga treatment?

Ibogaine treatment gives you all the tools you need to help yourself. Take a good look at your life and your expectations and find out what you are missing. These missing pieces need to be seen! This will help you get the most out of your therapy. Take your time and remember this. Spend time in nature as often as possible. We humans have to be connected with our nature. A strong support structure and access to helpful resources can improve your chances to increasing long-term success. To stay true to your goal of healing and recovery,

you should silently find great willpower within yourself.

Your ibogaine therapy can open the door to success, but going through it is up to you! It is important that you focus on yourself and find your center before the experience. There are a variety of options for this. You have to discover for yourself which of these will help you. For many people this is, for example, yoga, meditation, writing, sport or something similar. Basically it's about taking some time to think about your feelings and thoughts. This can significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment and facilitate your path to personal growth. Before any treatment, it is absolutely necessary to prepare yourself physically as well.

Read about it Preparations for treatment!

A positive personal attitude and a stable social environment are prerequisites for successful treatment. Thanks to ibogaine and its strong addiction-breaking effect, you have the opportunity to shape your new life without the pressure of addiction, depression or anxiety. A change in old habits is highly encouraged during this time and should be used as much as possible. It is an advantage to have laid the desired foundation before the treatment. This positive inner development is forward-looking and decisive. Since you have to integrate the ibogaine experience afterwards, the phase afterwards is very important. After treatment, the body requires lost electrolytes and a balanced diet. In the first few days after treatment, contact with nature is essential. Iboga Germany offers you a high-energy place that is hard to beat when it comes to opportunities to experience nature.


More information about this at Professional Iboga treatment.

In the days following treatment, pay particular attention to adapting your new lifestyle habits.

Is Iboga dangerous?

Iboga is very safe when used correctly. What is crucial for this is exact compliance with the Preparations for treatment.

Can I take Iboga alone?

Microdosing can easily be done alone. For higher doses, you should definitely have an experienced trip sitter with you! You can find more information about this in Companion Guide.

How does iboga help me overcome my addiction?

Ibogaine has psychoactive properties. This can cause major physical and psychological changes. While ibogaine is primarily used to reduce or remove cravings and other withdrawal symptoms in patients suffering from addictions, it can also create a profound and potentially life-changing experience in any person. It is very important not to expect ibogaine therapy to solve all your problems. It is a very effective treatment, both physically and mentally, and can dramatically reduce or completely eliminate your withdrawal symptoms. But it's not a miracle cure. You are the miracle! Think of Ibogaine therapy as the doorknob you must turn to step through the door that leads to your path to freedom. You will walk this path alone. As with many rehabilitation treatments, the ibogaine experience is only as effective as you allow it to be. In order for you to benefit from transformative therapy, you must be willing to implement the healing and change based on the findings in the long term. Spend some time doing what you want to get the most out of your therapy and create the goals that will keep you on your path.


Will Iboga help the first time or do I have to repeat the treatment?

Even the Iboga treatment does not rule out the possibility that you will resort to the substance to which you are addicted again.        The behavioral patterns that have been practiced for years are simply stronger than this    newly acquired knowledge. Anyone who believes that Iboga is a miracle plant,      which, after years of drug use, simply makes you healthy overnight without any action, will also remain unsuccessful here in the long term. By the way, withdrawal with ibogaine is not a wellness vacation. The experience is physically and mentally demanding, but much more enjoyable and effective than other paths. There will hardly be a rehabilitation clinic that can draw comparably positive conclusions. People with long-term addictions should expect multiple treatments.

Why is ibogaine so effective against addiction?

What does it do to the body, mind and soul? Basically, it must be explained here that it is not yet known in detail why ibogaine makes withdrawal so much more psychologically and physically pleasant for the addict.

There have already been some medical studies on the success of ibogaine in addiction treatment, but what the active ingredients do in the body and brain chemistry has not yet been deciphered. The closed-eye hallucinations, which appear like visions, are likely to be an important element. However, exactly how these processes take place is unknown. 

 The addicts who have taken ibogaine treatment report        very often that they were confronted during treatment with the factors that they blame for the development of their addiction.

Other patients explain that they had visions that helped them recognize and overcome the fears underlying addiction.

Many report being back in childhood with a correspondingly different perception. It seems to replace the feeling of separateness with connection. This gives many people the strength they need to overcome their fears and live substance-free. It has long been known that humane physical withdrawal carries less risk of relapse than a long period of suffering. What is crucial here is that patients do not simply serve their time, as in conventional facilities, but rather see this time as an opportunity and enjoy the time. This may sound paradoxical, enjoying your withdrawal or rather the therapy. However, this is overshadowed by the ibogaine rush and the visions triggered should be channeled positively. People should come back into harmony with themselves and nature. Spending time in beautiful spaces and landscapes with positive people and activities is the key to ensuring that the effect in consciousness is such that an addictive desire for problem drugs and a pathological addictive behavior for some kind of intoxication no longer exists and the risk of relapse can be reduced. It should be noted that the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous managed his withdrawal with the help of LSD, even if today's AAs do not want to know this and will deny it. The addiction in the head is the problem that cannot be eliminated with conventional therapies after a few hard weeks. Anyone who cannot solve the problem at this point always has an extremely high risk of relapse to previous or other addictive substances or suffers significantly during the abstinence phase. at the inside.

An addiction is alleviated with addictive substances. Ibogaine makes a virtually painless opiate withdrawal possible overnight and also has the ability to cause a change in consciousness. This extraordinary experience enables you to achieve unexpected inner insights through reflection. Traumas that previously seemed impossible to overcome simply fall away. Addicted people   have often experienced a variety of such emotional emergency situations, but have never shed light on the resulting post-traumatic stress disorders.


In our opinion, this elementary step is the cornerstone of successful therapy and, as a result, a happy life. Conventional withdrawal and therapy facilities continue to only have known tools such as psychotherapy to bring about inner change in the client. Even after a positive conclusion to this often years-long process, the painful physical withdrawal still remains. Since this is often associated with long-term, severe depression, it takes a lot of strength and self-discipline to overcome it. Ibogaine appears to address all aspects of addiction and depression and leave an individual feeling of security. This leads to an almost painless physical detoxification overnight. Experience the feeling of connection. The “newly installed operating system” is again completely freely programmable and has an addictive pressure and anxiety blocker installed that helps keep our minds virus-free for months.

Why is Iboga so expensive?

Where can I buy high quality Iboga? The Iboga plant is threatened with extinction due to overexploitation. Due to the increase in overexploitation in recent years, the price of iboga has increased almost tenfold. Some manufacturers use sustainable methods, which increases the price even further.

Where can I buy high quality Iboga?

Iboga Store

How can I check the quality, origin and sustainability of Iboga?

Unfortunately there iss almost impossible in Africa. There are no controls like in Europe. That's why Iboga is almost extinct and there is always more demand as plant material. We therefore recommendIboga Store.

Where and how is Iboga grown? Iboga byIboga Store comes from their own plantation in Ghana. Various other medicinal plants are also grown there. You can also grow your own plants there. The German emigrant Ralf runs the farm    for years and knows the business in Africa like no other. He runs the plantation at the highest level for plants, the environment and people.

Will I have problems if I order Iboga and customs opens it?

The broadcasts ofIboga Store are neutrally packaged. 99% of the packages reach the customer this way. If customs asks, it may help to state that it is Voacanga. Voacanga is another African medicinal plant that is not subject to any bans.

In which countries is Iboga banned?

Treatment with Iboga is a legal gray area. To date, the effectiveness of ibogaine and the risks associated with its use cannot be assessed with certainty based on scientific studies.  This is due, among other things, to the complicated legal situation. In Europe, doctors are not allowed to treat with the active ingredient, but in many countries - including Germany - it is also not an illegal narcotic. So owning and consuming it is permitted. This is how private individuals can   offer treatment with ibogaine. Things are different in the USA. Ibogaine, along with other mind-expanding drugs, was banned there in the late 1960s. For a short time in 1995 it looked as if ibogaine could still be approved as a medicine. After initial promising test runs, neuroscientist Deborah Mash received the green light from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct clinical studies. However, she cannot finance them; Public donors consider the risk for patients to be too high. And pharmaceutical companies don't care about ibogaine. “It’s not profitable enough,” one assumes.

Can Iboga become addictive if taken for a long time?

No. As with other psychedelics, there is no evidence of addiction when taking ibogaine.


Sources We have collected some articles from popular science magazines and scientific journals. You can find them atSources.

Testimonials We look forward to hearing reports! With your consent, we will publish them anonymously atReqannual reports.

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