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A natural trauma medicine

The Iboga treatment is a deep dive into your inner self with the help of an entheogenic plant in a safe almost therapeutic environment. You will be able to rediscover your own essential source of transformative insight. This powerful process has a deep spiritual dimension. Namely, iboga restores the lost contact with the divine within us. No matter what you personally call this mystical experience, it all speaks of the same encounter - no matter what you call it, this great invisible that guides our lives... in all religions, ancient wisdoms and scriptures speak of a higher order than God, Allah, energy, Mother Earth or other spiritual sources.

This natural trauma medicine will trigger strong physical and emotional reactions during certain phases of the healing and expelling process. These natural reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, crying, laughing, cleansing vomiting indicate to us in this way that even the deep-seated traumas are really being expelled from our system.

These strong reactions can sometimes be difficult to bear, but only in this way can we feel the trauma for the first time in a bearable way and thus also process it. Just keep calm in these states. It is hard to bear and tests our patience, but all that remains is the comforting thought that it will eventually pass. That's why a very caring person to trust is simply the best choice as a companion. There just needs to be someone close by,

so that we have help when we need it, and anyway, you can't do it alone! Iboga treatment can only be done if someone is always around to take care of you during the whole process, which can take 3-4 days.

This person should, at best, stay until all the rising fear, anger, guilt, grief and any other emotional outburst that comes up has been experienced and overcome.This is the part of the inner journey where we face our shadows. These are those hidden places within us that are attained by our own observation.These dark corners in our consciousness that we cannot recognize from within ourselves.

C.Jung was the first psychiatrist to recognize that we humans cannot recognize these destructive behavior patterns without help.Iboga is also the necessary support and accompaniment on the path of ego and trauma healing.

Just trust the process! The liberation from years of suffering is often followed by a time of true gratitude. Iboga is healing on all levels body- mind and soul!Sometimes IBOGA and its healing through all our physical and subtle material layers, just seems too good to be true.Being trauma free seems to be the first step towards a truly deeper and healthier way of life.

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