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If your life doesn't improve, just take drugs...

... if only it were that easy!

Treatments that make extraordinary experiences possible are sparking a whole new interest. Safely using entheogens, substances that act as power plants to induce "extraordinary" states of consciousness in us. In them we have the opportunity to rediscover ourselves. We learn to connect with our inner healer and rewrite the rules of this game called life.

Find higher truths through extraordinary states of consciousness

entering ourselves instead of escaping ourselves finding ourselves instead of denying ourselves solving our problems instead of avoiding them benefiting our beings instead of harming them solving the addiction instead of creating it! Discover new truths: personal, social and universal.

IBOGA GERMANY's mission is to reveal the truth about entheogens and understand the misconception about their properties. Experience them in a way that leads us to understand the reasons for their harm called and their illegalization.

Our Vision

Our vision is aligned with Truth, Inner Truths, Higher Truths and Collective Truths, all of which help create a world where psychedelics and entheogens meet. they see, understand each other and because of it all the potential of spiritual and therapeutic development, their truth and their role in the search for ours. A world where they can be experienced in safe, supportive, and mind-expanding environments without the risk of legal action, public condemnation, or addiction.

Entheogens, which include drugs like psychedelics and Kraft herbs, are widely misunderstood and abused in today's society. Despite all the benefits that scientific studies have shown in terms of their use in therapy, spiritual development, and benefits to the human psyche, there remains an immense amount of stigma, judgment, and misconception surrounding these substances. >

The intense "War on Drugs" continues to fight a social symptom while ignoring its root cause. Instead, this war blames a particular group of substances that serve to numb social dissent, while ignoring harmful drugs like nicotine and alcohol because they are addictive and backed by big business. At the same time, solutions are not offered to encourage and advance scientific research and the use of entheogens as powerful therapeutic tools.

But what are "drugs" anyway? Substances that get you high and addicted? Substances that help you recover? Plant? psychedelics? cigarettes? Caffeine? The very understanding of that word has been blurred by laws that classify certain substances as drugs and illegal, and penalize other "drugs" that can be more harmful than many of the substances prohibited in our legal system. When we talk about drugs we refer to entheogens, that is, substances that induce higher states of consciousness.

Generally, as a society, we engage with "drugs" in search of coping, escape, calm, and euphoria. The intention behind why a person interacts with a substance is the result they get. As a society we have been educated about drugs from a biased perspective. The perspective of a person who uses drugs to escape from himself, from his pain, from his loneliness and from his reality. When drugs are used for such dark purposes, they can actually cause destruction. However, as with any other tool, such as money, power or fame, it is the intention of the person behind the use that decides the outcome. It is the specific intent whether this agent is a source of destruction or a source of creation.

A person interacting with a substance will receive an experience that reflects their intention, suppression, escapism, avoidance, etc. When such desires are fulfilled, they cause long-lasting side effects, physical illness, dependency, internal suffering, lack of satisfaction, and more. That's what we're taught about drugs, but what actually causes these side effects, the drugs or the intent?

When the same drugs are taken with the intention of finding oneself, facing one's own fears, seeking one's own truth, then those intentions are also fulfilled and can have effects positive secondaries. also be experienced. Poignant, mind-altering, life-altering side effects that linger with us beyond the duration of the substance when properly integrated into waking life. Drug addictions can also be reversed with the responsible use of entheogens. They can be used to reach and dissolve the core wound that the addiction created in the beginning, while providing a physical cleansing of the physiological addiction.

Many of the possibilities of entheogens have not been mentioned. Many of these unspoken potentials lead to an empowered and alert society and are detrimental to an indoctrinated, compliant and controlled society found in many parts of the world today.

We believe that people deserve to know the full story. Our desire is to reveal what has been kept hidden from the public until now. We are committed to educating people about the positive and negative potentials of entheogens so that everyone can make an informed decision about whether and how to use them.

The purpose of our message is to move a person's limited understanding of entheogens and their intention to use them from flight to self-discovery, from self-repression to self-immersion. , turn off to open and sedation to wake up.

This is the beginning of a psychedelic revolution. This is a revelation of the truth. This is... a WHOLE NEW WAY!

(Entheogens) Indian sadhu with a chillum hashish pipe on the festival of Shivaratri ("Night of Lord Shiva") The adjective entheogen (from ancient Greek en "in" , and theos "god" and genesthai "to effect") denote a spiritual experience that is felt as a whole and often by users of psychotropic drugs. The designation of these as entheogens was introduced in 1970 by an informal committee of American ethnomycologist R. Gordon Wasson (1898-1986), American ethnobotanist Jonathan Ott, and others and replaced derogatory names for spiritually useful substances with hallucinogenic properties such as cannabis, psilocybin, LSD, or dimethyltryptamine (DMT). By this definition, entheogens are largely identical to psychedelics. Entheogens have a psychotomimetic effect (similar to psychosis) by influencing various neurotransmitter systems.

In a more general sense, entheogens are substances and preparations that are traditionally used for spiritual, mystical and religious purposes. Its use in this sense can induce in those affected a feeling of connection with a deity or other entities, or of understanding and vision of the entire universe (religious vision). This state is comparable to that of a shaman or healer, who believes that through the effects of an elixir, for example, he can enable himself to communicate with spirits.

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