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The gateway to self-knowledge and healing through the combination of plant wisdom, contact with nature and detoxification

1 IBOGA MICROIDOSING The gentle option with no less outstanding results!

2. a large part of the longer microdosing process involves developing a daily meditation and introspection routine that promotes awareness of the internal workings. Also, active relaxation and body exercises such as yoga, etc., as well as guided dialogue therapy would be beneficial in the longer term!

3. the CONTACT with the higher self. Who doesn't sometimes wish they could have a very personal conversation with their own higher consciousness? Quasi a whole personal support in solving all situations and all life questions that may arise during the process. It is therefore also possible to ask questions in the dialogue with the plant.

4. night time should focus on consciousness, self-realisation and spirituality. The naturally transformative approach should be utilised as much as possible.Utilise the newly gained insights for self-development, ego work and character refinement. Find and adopt methods and practices to cultivate a more enlightened life.

writing a daily journal to record the ideas gained when no one is available to share the experiences in person.Repeating these processes helps us to understand the multiple dimensions of our being and our role in the interconnected network.

Root bark The ingestion of root bark is the most traditional iboga ingestion.The Bwitis use fresh root bark in the initiation ceremonies, which is crushed and swallowed with water.

In Western ceremonies, partly dried and partly fresh root bark is used. Dried root bark has an alkaloid content of 3 to 4 per cent, the ratio of fresh to dry bark is around 15:1. A relatively large amount of root bark is required for a complete initiatory trip wind, which can lead to stomach problems. This is why the better tolerated TOTAL ALKALOID is used.

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