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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Entheogens, which include drugs like psychedelics and Kraft plants, are highly misunderstood and abused in today's society. Despite all the benefits that scientific studies have demonstrated in terms of their use in therapy, spiritual development, and benefits to the human psyche, there remains an immense amount of stigma, judgment, and misconception surrounding these substances.

The intense "War on Drugs" continues to battle a societal symptom while ignoring its root cause. This war instead blames a particular group of substances that serve to numb societal dissent, but ignores harmful drugs like nicotine and alcohol because they are addictive and backed by big business. At the same time, no solutions are offered to encourage and advance scientific research and the use of entheogens as powerful therapeutic tools. But what are "drugs" anyway Substances that get you high and addicted? Substances that help you recover? Sugar? cigarettes? Caffeine?

The very understanding of this word has been blurred by laws that classify certain substances as drugs and illegal, and sanction other "drugs" that can be more harmful than many of the substances banned in our legal system. When we speak of drugs or substances we are only referring to natural entheogenic substances. i.e. substances that can induce higher states of consciousness. In society in general, we see "drugs" as some kind of mechanism for coping, avoidance, calming down and partying.

The intention behind why a person interacts with a substance is the result they get. We as a society have been educated about drugs from a biased perspective. The perspective of a person who uses drugs to escape from themselves, their pain, their loneliness and their reality. When drugs are used for such shadowy purposes, they can actually cause destruction. However, as with any other tool, such as money, power, or fame, it is the intent of the person behind the tool that determines the outcome. It is the intent that determines whether this

Tool is a source of destruction or a source of creation.

A person who engages with a substance will receive an experience that reflects their intent, suppression, escapism, avoidance, and so on. When such desires are fulfilled, they cause permanent side effects, physical illness, addiction, inner suffering, lack of fulfillment and more. That's what we're taught about drugs, but what actually causes these side effects, the drugs or the belief in them?

If the same substances are taken with the intention of meeting with oneself, facing one's fears, searching for one's truth, then such intentions will also be fulfilled. Positive side effects can also be experienced. Soul-stirring, consciousness, life aftermath,which remain with us after the substance has lasted, if they are integrated into one's own life. Drug addictions can also be repaired with proper use of iboga and ayahuasca.

One can often, during the journey to oneself, see the triggers, the core of the problem, the trauma that created the addiction. This helps to understand these mechanisms and to dissolve them in the long term, while at the same time a strong physical cleansing has taken place.

Many of the benefits and possibilities of these fabrics have gone unmentioned. Many of these potentials are conducive to an alert, empowered society and detrimental to the obedient and controlled society found in the modern world today.

I believe everyone deserves to experience these benefits. Knowing the whole story and experiencing the whole story. My desire is to reveal what has been hidden from the public. I want to educate people about both the positive and negative effects of iboga.So everyone is well informed and can then decide for themselves whether and how they want to use this powerful plant medicine.

My message is to expand the incorrect and limited information for these medicinal substances like iboga. Probably the most well-known reason for taking IBOGA is its positive effect on combating opiate and alcohol addiction. Iboga makes overnight painless opiate withdrawal possible. Further, this inner psychedelic journey takes us to and Self.

The path of self-discovery leads from self-oppression to self-liberation.

Drugs are substances that make you think. People should use them to delve deeper into the subconscious and to get closer to their own self. This is the beginning of a psychedelic revolution & the unveiling of the truth.

This is the beginning of a psychedelic revolution. This is a revelation of the truth.

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